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The Rock Corvette Association

of North Texas


Being a Corvette owner is full of thrills, but being a member of a Corvette association allows you to be able to share those thrills with fellow Corvette enthusiasts. As part of the association, you can enjoy participation in car shows, conventions, parades, road quests, parties, racing, community service projects, and much more.

The Rock Corvette Association of North Texas (Founded in 2005)
Club Colors:    Purple and Gold

Club Motto:     Jesus is the Rock!

Elected Officers for 2018 - 2020

1.       President:                    Cameron Johnson
2.       Vice President:             Allan "Baba" Cason
3.       Treasurer:                    Felecia Kemp
4.       Secretary:                    Kisha Simon
5.       Parliamentarian:           Cary Bradford Sr
6.       Sergeant –At-Arms:      Bill Eaton

Appointed Position

7.       Chaplain:                      Martin Kemp

8.       Webmaster:                 vacant

9.       Membership Director:  Pauline Bradford

10.     Historian:                     vacant

11.    Road Captain Rodney Hyman